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Healthcare Business

Healthcare Business

ORIGIN offers a wide selection of all kinds of wristbands and can produce them in almost any design in order to meet tailor-made requirements, the range of materials is broad as well and the selections of colors and sizes have few limits.

ORIGIN also offers a wide stock of standard wristbands in a variety of materials, colors, styles, types and patterns. Our standard products meet most requirements for identification wristbands.

Regardless of which type you select all our wristbands are offered based on few solid business principles; high quality, affordable prices, excellent personal service and efficient quality control. Our sales staff is ready to assist you with all questions to ensure that you get the best product available to serve your needs.

The company offers a wide selection of products in Healthcare industry under different categories:

Medical Wristband:
  •   Adhesive Wristbands

  •   Write on Wristband

  •   Mother infant ID bands

  •   Imprinter Wristband

  •   Barcode Wristband

  •   Insert type Wristband

  •   Thermal Wristband

  •   Patient ID Bands

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Adhesive Wristbands
Adhesive Wristbands
Barcode Wristbands
Insert type Wristbands
Thermal Wristband
Imprinter Wristbands
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