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Mother Infant ID Bands


Mother Infant ID Bands

Mother-infant wristbands use a correlated numbering system to positively identify newborns with their mothers. Wristbands feature smooth & soft vinyl which is comfortable and safe for sensitive skin

  •   2, 3 or 4-part wristbands (Mother & infant)

  •   Insert style, writable or labeled

  •   Protective pocket (for insert cards)

  •   Serialized with numeric characters

  •   Tamperproof, with Snap closure

  •   Latex and Phthalate free,

  •   Soft material


Colours availability depends on stock.

Mother Infant Wristbands come in sets, each with a matching number so that the infant’s and mother’s bands are correctly paired. Select from sets of two, three or four for mother, father and infant. Available in either imprinter style with a surface that you can stamp with a card embosser or insert style with an insert card that you can slide into a pocket on the band.

Our Mother-Infant Wristbands provide positive patient identification for newborns and their parents. Our bar code solutions, including new bar Code Tags and Wristbands Mother – Infant barcode tags and barcode labels Correlated numbering system positively identifies baby with mother and other family member(s) Choose from four-part, three-part and two part band designs Smooth, soft vinyl is comfortable and safe for sensitive skin. Labels support text, linear and 2D bar codes. All products are Latex- and Phthalate free.

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